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How The Most Famous Reality Shows Are Actually Made

We are all aware by now that there is nothing real about reality shows. They are always interesting to watch, full of conflicts and disputes in order to make the audience interested. The lives of the contestants in these shows look like a unified television series, yet still millions of viewers just can’t stop watching them.

Keep reading to find out how the most popular reality shows are really made.

1. Man vs. Wild

This is a show hosted by Bear Grylls who intentionally puts himself in life-challenging and difficult situations. However, what we see on screen is just a simulation on how you should react in real-life situations. The assistant director of the show said that the crew always has food with them, but they sometimes try the stuff Bear catches. When it comes to life-threatening situations, they mentioned one occasion when Bear was supposed to walk in Copper Canyon at 600-foot height. However, they always check first to see how deep water is before jumping in or how passable a path is before recording.

2. Who wants to be a millionaire

According to the assistant of this show, people are auditioned and participants sign some paperwork after the show. Some auditioned people fail to pass even 30 times. One of those people is the friend of the father of this assistant who only had an audition once but did not pass, which made him angry. There are also others who failed and refused to accept that.

3. Pimp my ride

This was one of the coolest shows in the 2000s. It was about a crew of people who transformed old cars into cool ones with lots of hi-tech including speakers and televisions. However, according to the show’s directors and producers, they actually had all the cars in their garage for six months, not just several weeks. They only modulated them for the show and then removed all the extra equipment. They didn’t even change or repair any of the internal car parts. Another interesting thing is that they shot the reactions of the participants several times, since they demanded more emotion. Some participants said that their best memories from the show were those with Xzibit. They said he was very funny, relaxed and always supported the ideas.

4. The voice

This show never needed famous people or unnecessary disputes to be enjoyable to watch. However, it still has its secrets. According to one interview published by Reddit, one participant was eliminated after the blind auditions since he refused to sing a song he was given which was way above his abilities and was denied singing the son he chose. So, since the song they made him sing was already challenging, the judges eliminated him saying the song was too difficult for him. Afterwards, he returned to the hotel where the contestants stayed and his family only saw him shortly during the recording.

5. The Bachelor

Well, this show resembles a fairy tale. It involves an audition where some bloggers and models are called for rating. They are actually shooting 24 hours a day, and most of that recording is rearranged in a way to make the show more dramatic, and lots of things are not actually shown.

6. America’s Next Top Model

Tyra Banks is the host of the show and she managed to accomplish a few things. But, it is a fact that the show did not produce the next top model actually. Out of 24 contestants, only 3 became popular. One of them is CariDee English, who became a speaker for the National Psoriasis Foundation. The second is Yaya DaCosta who played Whitney Houston, and the third one, Analeigh Tipton, became a Hollywood actress as well. However, none of them works as a model. So, Tyra considers this her own achievement, that even though she did not create top models, she made personalities.

7. Survivor

Even though it appears very real, this show is actually far from that. According to the contestants, before voting who to get out, the producers used to talk to them asking them hypothetical questions such as “What if this participant leaves today? What if you said that?” This generated lots of ideas among the participants making them create contrasting decisions. Even though the contestants were assisted by the shooting team, all the stories are about the journalists and the cameramen.

8. What not to wear

This is the first fashion reality TV show. The people who auditioned to participate had old clothes that were dumped and were then given money to buy new ones. One of the contestants said that all her belongings were given to Goodwill but she got to keep some things that belonged to her grandmother.

9. Keeping up with the Kardashians

This show is the reason why this family became the most popular family in the world. However, each episode develops just like a movie or a tv series episode with a beginning, development and an end. However, there are continuity errors which is why some of the episodes are written by scriptwriters just to make them more interesting.

10. Hell’s Kitchen

This show is about teams of chef’s competing against each other. It is hosted by Gordon Ramsey who acts like a lunatic screaming at everyone. However, what makes the show so interesting to watch are the restrictions imposed on the participants. One example is when the ingredients are suddenly changed the show becomes very interesting to watch, as one cameraman confirmed.

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