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The Hardest Lesson You’ll Have to Learn in 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While 2019 is going to hold a lot of lessons for each and every one of us, some will be harder than the others. Every year that passes holds new experiences and chances to do great things.

While you might not be thinking too much about 2019 right now it is well on its way. Within just a few short weeks 2019 will be going full force. If you have been wondering what might be in store for you then you may want to take a peek below and look for your zodiac sign. The year 2018 has not exactly been a cakewalk but just you wait, 2019 is going to be far more intense.


You will learn to believe in yourself all over again. This is something you’ve been struggling with for the past few months but need to get a hold on. In the past, you always knew who you were and how capable you were at getting things done but for some reason, a shift within you has thrown you off of your game. Get yourself back in order.


You will learn to face your fears. While you normally run from the things you’re afraid of this year is going to have you chasing after them. You will finally realize that if you keep running from them they will never go away.


You will learn that you cannot ignore your emotions. As a Gemini, you tend to be quite outspoken but here lately you’ve been hiding your true emotions from the people in your life. You’re turning into a shell of who you once were and bottling everything inside. This is not something you need to continue doing. While it will be hard to do, you can begin to work through the things you’ve locked away.


You will learn that living in the moment is important. Far too often you are obsessing over things that have happened or what might be to come. You are only causing yourself more stress. The people around you are going to do what they want to do no matter what you say or how hard you try. Just be more in the moment and enjoy the time you have while you have it.


You will learn how to let go. While normally you are good at cutting ties you do not let go of the emotions within. You are a bottler and that is not a good thing. The more you push these feelings within and refuse to acknowledge them the worse off your mental state will become. Through finally letting go you are also bringing out your inner strength.


You will learn to stop obsessing over the small stuff. You are the kind of person that pays very close attention to detail and lets the words of others get too deep within your heart. You will stop sweating the small stuff and begin to see the world for what it truly is. Sure, the process of getting where you need to be is going to suck but it will be quite revealing.


You will learn that sometimes you have to let go of the people you care for the most. Just because you care about someone doesn’t mean they care about you. You have to know how to cut ties and the person you’re going to end up cutting ties with might be someone you wanted to be with forever. Take this lesson as if it is a breath of fresh air. While it will be upsetting it will bring you closer to where you truly need to be.


You will learn that you’re going to have to open up sometimes. While as a Scorpio you are a very reserved and closed off person you are about to be letting several important people in. They will see you for who you truly are and it is going to change your world. You didn’t know you needed this but you damn sure do.


You will learn that running is not always the answer. You are a Sagittarius so running is your specialty. 2019 is going to make sure you learn how important it is to stick in one place sometimes. You are not going to be able to run away from the things to come. You might as well go ahead and prepare to embrace all that is headed your way.


You will learn that life is not all happiness and butterflies. While you live your life in the dark you also tend to see the bright side more often than not. You do not see the negative things that happen and close off from violence. Your sheltered mindset is about to be changed drastically. The things you will see in 2019 will really give you a big taste of reality.


You will learn how to be honest with yourself. In the past, you have lied to yourself and the people around you. You always make things out to be better than they are and pretend you’re not upset when you’re torn apart inside. Now is the time to work on that and begin getting to know your true colors. Stop getting so in over your head.


You will learn that you can do anything you put your mind to. You tend to lose faith in yourself and your abilities. While you might be stuck in a creative rut that doesn’t mean you cannot work your way out. You are capable of greatness and you need to think long and hard about that.

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