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6 Morning Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Every person has different ritual in the morning. Some prefer hitting the snooze button for a while, others wake up earlier to go jogging. We all do different things, but it is important to do the right things in order to start the day healthy and prepare ourselves for the following day. However, some habits can be very harmful, because they can even make you gain weight.

These are the 6 morning habits that can cause weight gain

1.Getting changed in the dark

One study has discovered that people who get changed in the dark, are missing the weight-loss benefits of the sun. According to the study, people who were more exposed to the sun in the morning have significantly smaller BMI compared to others. Try to get exposed to the sun at least 20-30 minute each morning.

2.Skipping weigh-in

Even though this is hard to do, especially if you are not happy with your weight, it is a step forward to the weight loss process. According to one study, the people who avoid measuring their weight in the morning, gain weight a lot easier compared to others. This is a subconscious connection, which explains that people who avoid doing this are more likely to cheat on their diets.

3.Skipping breakfast

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This unhealthy habit will make you binge eat all day, because you deprived your body of nutrients during the entire night and also for the whole morning. You will end up feeling hungry the whole day, and you will gain weight a lot faster this way.

4.You don’t make your bed

This is a simple habit that we should practice daily. Even though it can sometimes be boring, it can actually be helpful if you are trying to lose weight. This link was proven by one study which showed that 19% of the people that make their beds get more rest during the night compared to those who don’t. Proper sleep is linked with lower BMI and this habit can help you sleep better as well as lose weight.

5.Too much coffee, not enough water

Drinking too much coffee, and not enough water will negatively affect your waistline. This was even scientifically proven. We need more water in the morning in order to help our metabolism work properly. The water helps the gut get rid of the toxins that remained in the body during the night.

6.Hit the snooze button

Oversleeping is often caused by poor diet and weight gain. Lack of sleep leads to low concentration and junk food cravings. However, sleeping too long has the same effects and will result with weight gain because the body clock is not able to synchronize with the proper time.

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