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How a Woman’s Body Reacts To Not Being With The Right Man

Our body gives us signs and it constantly speaks to us. Unfortunately, most of the people live very stressful and busy lives and they don’t pay attention to their body language.

Understanding our body language takes us into a deeper observation, and when the signs are obvious about something that really bothers us, it’s time to take control over the situation and react correctly.

This also comes when we’re in a relationship, and somehow we have strange feelings that maybe something is wrong. Women, this is for you- here are some very important signs that your body tells you when you are with the wrong man:

1. You’re less smiling when you’re alone

One of the signs that you’re getting is exactly this one, you’re not feeling happy and you don’t smile when you are alone. You may be find yourself lying to others that you’re happy just to live the illusion of being happy in the relationship you are in, but your body tells you otherwise. Your body wants to say that you need to be true with yourself.

2. No self-esteem

Your man should make you feel happy, loved, and should build your self-esteem. He needs to make you feel good about yourself. When a woman is with a man, her self-esteem should be at an all-time high, and she should feel loved and fulfilled about herself. If your confidence is destroyed and you feel down with yourself constantly, you’re not with the right man.

3. Emotionally exhausted

When a woman is in a relationship that is healthy and meaningful, she should feel great about herself and more energized. If she’s emotionally and mentally drained, her body will begin to feel exhausted even with doing the simplest things in life. She won’t have any energy when she’s spending time with her man, too.

4. A mind in denial

We all tend to convince ourselves that we are going great in our relationship when the facts are clear that we’re not. We all like to focus on the good things and try to make ourselves believe that everything’s going good, and blame something else for the negative energy that we are surrounded by. But our bodies say something else. Tricking our mind that we are happy leads us to being dishonest to ourselves.

5. You neglect yourself

When a woman is in a relationship where she feels happy, she also likes to maintain the relationship with herself. When we are happy with the person we are, we like to be the best versions of ourselves and we do make some changes in our daily lives so we can bring out the best of us. A woman that doesn’t feel happy in the relationship gets depressed and neglects herself.

6. You are witnessing a relationship instead of being in one

Many people get to a point when they just let the things happen instead of taking actions and make things happen. When it comes to women, they also do find themselves in situations when they don’t feel like they want to take any action so they just let the things pass by. Many women succumb to the feeling of being “taken” so they carry on with the idea of being in a relationship and not living it. The body gives a sign that it’s not feeling happy and needs change.

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